Religious Drama at St Andrew’s

Presentations take many different forms: plays, poetry readings, concerts of words and music, supper evenings with a theme expressed in poetry, prose and drama.  Participants are mainly members of our own congregation with strong support from other churches and those of no affiliation.

Past titles include our own adaptations of:

Everyman,  A Christmas Carol,  The Story of the Other Wise Man,  Our Lady’s Tumbler and The Business of Good Government along with Clive Sansom’s  “The Witnesses and  ” The Cathedral”.









We have also produced Britten’s “Noyes Fludde” and all our presentations include a major input from our Organist and the Church and Festival Choirs.

Productions take place either in the Church or Church House and are simply staged though we are fortunate in having help from scenery, costume and property makers, with additional technical help from STARR.

Any profits made go either to The Children’s Society or The Friends of St Andrews.

We play anonymously in the belief that the message is more important than the medium and that it is a privilege to use what gifts we have in its service.

The message is, indeed, often one of service and of a realisation of self through interpretation.

Our audiences receive a detailed programme and the opportunity to meet cast members to discuss the experience both audience and cast have had.