Home Groups and Lent Groups

For Lent 2013 our ecumenical groups studied the Diocesan course ‘Fit for Purpose.  This course explored what it was to be church and whether the church was ‘fit for purpose’ for today.  Each week we listened, prayed and shared together, deepening our understanding of the mission of the church and our part in it.  At the end of the course all the groups took part in a coffee and cake evening at St Peter’s, Draycott, where we enjoyed each other’s company and reflected on what we had learnt during the Course.

In Cheddar we have also begun a home group which meets on a Thursday afternoon, where a small group of us study the bible and share our thoughts and experiences together.

We would encourage you to consider if you would like to join a lent group or a home group as it is a great time to deepen our relationship with each other and with God.

If you are interested please let Rev Sue know (01934 742535).