Proposed changes consultation

Here you can download a pdf showing the existing floor plan and the proposed changes

There are also various photographs of the building which highlight some of the things which need to be addressed (CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS BELOW FOR A LARGER VIEW)

  • leaking roof
  • outside toilets
  • small kitchen
  • precipitous entrance steps
  • lack of storage
  • scruffy wasted space at the rear
  • drab and tired decor

Area to the north of Church House Current toilet block on SW corner Roof on north side showing lifting tiles Current access routes on the south side Sub-station on the Church Street side Steep steps at current main entrance Entrance Lobby Current Kitchen Current storage near kitchen Meeting room with current bar Courtyard to the north Courtyard to north (2) Current view from Wells road

Some things are not easily shown in photographs –
  • antiquated, inefficient heating with minimal controls
  • an inability for more than one group to use the existing facilities without having unacceptable impact on each other – access, noise etc
  • elderly wiring which is grossly inadequate by modern standards and, while still safe, needs replacement in the near future
  • minimal heat or sound insulation and ineffective ventilation

Finally there are photographs of the areas which will be directly affected by the changes, where the developments will provide more facilities –

  • the entrance steps and ramp will be removed and the front area enclosed to provide an external social area, positioned to enjoy the afternoon sun and accessible from the Small Hall
  • the existing toilet block will be replaced by a larger block, providing more toilets, a small meeting room and the main entrance to the small hall
  • the present bar will move to the present lobby, enhanced to enable hot and cold refreshments, as well as proper washing up facilities
  • the two small committee rooms will be knocked together to give one small hall with lots of storage built into it
  • the substation will be totally removed and an entirely new entrance made to the main hall, with a new gate in the roadside wall, nearer to the town
  • the existing boiler house, kitchen, gents’ toilets and edge of the carpark will be removed, levelled and replaced by lots of new toilets, a larger, modern kitchen and a large store-room-cum-second-green-room


  • Creation of new toilets to the NE
  • Creation of a new kitchen west of the present one, with an entrance from the carpark
  • Creation of a new storage-cum-Green-Room on the NW
  • WP Sub-station to move from existing site, by the main road, to the SW corner of the car park, entirely at expense of Western Power
  • Creation of a new entrance for the Main Hall where the sub-station is currently located
  • Merging of 2 meeting rooms to create a Small Hall
  • Changing old fire exit to make a new entrance to Small Hall on SW corner
  • Creation of small meeting room and more toilets as part of the  SW
    corner development
  • Stage improvements as advised by STARR
  • Removal of current steps to existing entrance
  • Creation of new Servery / Bar in current entrance lobby area
  • Creation of external open space / patio on south side
  • Clear marking of parking spaces
  • Renewal of roof
  • Renewal of heating system throughout
  • Rewiring throughout
  • Redecoration throughout

Clearly these plans will take a lot of time and money to achieve and a fund-raising committee is being set up to make grant applications to external bodies.  The Diocesan Resources Officer anticipates that 80% of the total costs might be obtained from these grants.

The intention is to try to minimise the impact of the work while it is done, but we recognise that there will be some disruption.  We shall be talking to existing users when more is known about timescales, but we are keen to have your comments on the plans themselves at this stage.

We shall be seeking input to the details of implementing plans later, but if you have any expertise with grant applications or fund-raising, the trustees would be very glad to hear from you now.  Please don’t be bashful or retiring.